Saturday, December 30, 2006

Currently knitting...

Here's the latest on the needles. I'm currently in love with these colors and this yarn is making me very happy about knitting. The fact that this is a project that requires 10.5 needles so I can use my buddhas is making me even happier. I should really be using slightly longer needles, but who cares when you have enlightenment on your side?

I have my tiny hermit crabs printed up so I have some decisions to make about mounting them and then I'll get going on that. I'm thinking of a shadow box with some shells and other sea-worthy things.

I've also put some printed and embroidered scarves in the shop!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Etsy Shop Open!

Hooray! I've finally gotten my act together and listed items over at Etsy. You can find me at! I have a few necklaces up and a set of blank cards that I printed on my gocco a while ago. I guess the magic of the blog is working...or it could be that I'm still on winter break, but whatever. Have a look!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Hi there and welcome to my blog!! I've been totally motivated and inspired by many of the great crafting blogs out there and so I thought I'd add my two goes! As an added bonus, I'm hoping that by writing about stuff I'm making I'll have fewer UFOs lying around. We'll see!
The photo (which took WAY too long to upload...) is from our recent vacation; it was taken on a beach in Belize. I have another photo of Our Friend the Hermit Crab and I'm going to print them small (wallet size) and mount them together to show the hermit in paradise.
Will the magic of the blog help me to see this project through? Stay tuned to find out;)

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