Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 4, 5, 6, and 7 (hello. procrastinator over here!)

Here's the latest giftie update. I must admit that I took last weekend off as I was laid up with a pretty bad cold (I decided that my goal that weekend was to NOT give anything, my germs) but I picked back up again with the following:

Day 4. I gave a smooth, round stone I found on the beach in Maine this summer to one of my students. She and I are working on helping her through some tough social times and I decided to give her something that I cared about (it was one of my favorites from this summer - - all black, smooth, but not too smooth so that you can feel it when you rub it, and nice and round) and something that would remind her about what we were working on and that I was in the room with her when things got tough. Not sure how it's working out yet for her, but it's one of my favorite gives so far.

Day 5. I brought some really cool seed pods with super-pretty seeds in to my metals teacher. She is as fond of the amazing things that Nature can do, so it's fun to give her earthy stuff. It was a ton of fun watching her unwrap the dried and shriveled seed pods and then opening them up to find these amazing black seeds with white stripes down the middle.

Day 6. I tried to give our friends on the other side of the country a call to end our horribly long game of phone tag, but ended up talking to their daughter who, I'm sad to say, is old enough to be less excited about a phone call from me and more excited about finishing the episode of Full House that she's watching. So I guess in the end, I made the conversation quick since I knew what she really wanted to be doing (even though I had a million questions about school and life that I wanted to ask!) and therefore gave her the gift of, um, the Olsen twins.

Day 7. I gave my mom a call. She's on vacation but I still should have been calling her more this week as there is important family stuff going on. It was super-good to touch base with her.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 5

Brought a little giftie in the form of some cookies to my voice teacher. I need to think of something different than sugar, but it makes people so darn happy.

Day 4

Made some brownies for my metals class. Not much brings a group of women together like a plateful of warm chocolate goodness.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 3

A little late in posting!! Day three was a little bit of a blur.

Today I gave a good friend my ear when she needed to vent. It didn't feel like a real give, though...because I would have done it for her anyway. But maybe the lesson to learn is that there are lots of times when I'm giving that I don't always give myself credit for. I know I spend time beating myself up over stupid stuff more than I should, and so I probably should spend more time focusing on the little things that I do well throughout the trying to be a good friend.

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