Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mama Makes Mollie Makes

I'm assuming you've met Mollie Makes already?  The magazine has been around for a year, and I think I've been a subscriber since the third issue.  I love everything about it:  the projects, the obsession with felt that rivals my own, the giftie you get with every issue, the craving for tea and biscuits I have whilst reading it  as well as the proclivity I have for using words like "whilst" whilst leafing through it.  It comes wrapped in plastic with a piece of paper that covers the magazine so that it looks very generic and not unlike what I imagine porn magazines do to help their costumers retain some discretion.  And so, each month, I imagine my postal carrier's curiosity piqued and I've come to think of my Mollie Makes arrival as my monthly craft porn.

So I have a bunch of these magazines (which says a lot - - I don't do magazines because of how they tempt my inner hoarding demon) and every month I swear I'm going to make a project and I never get around to it.  This month, I decided that I'd try to complete at least one thing from the magazine each month and here's my first entry.  This little dolly worked up in an afternoon while I was home caring for my sick kid.  She was such a good patient, a new stuffie was in order.  I used purple for the dress, since that is Bean's favorite color, and left the eye color choice up to her...hence the purple eyes.  The pattern doesn't call for the little laces, but I stuck them on to give Bean something to practice tying. 

The directions were easy to follow, although I got a bit tripped up attaching the head to the body.  I needed to attach the front head to the front of the body and the back head to the back of the body (to give two pieces) which sounds obvious, but for some reason I thought the directions were telling me to sew both body pieces to just the front part of the head; so it involved a slight bit of muttering and one use of the seam ripper, but otherwise went together quite simply.  The construction is incredibly sturdy, and I even learned what a triple stitch is and from now on will use it for all of my stuffie seaming.

made. by k.d.