Monday, April 6, 2009

Yarn, finally!

I ordered some yarn for this project from IK knits a while back. I found the substitute and colorway that I wanted, but had some trouble finding a source that still had it in stock. In the end, I ordered it and it got backordered and I sat around moping for a while. I didn't start any other knitting project, just moped. My recent adventures in frogging every single UFO I had laying around (the rewound yarn filled an entire large-ish tote bag) have made me wary (for now) of starting a project that I don't really love. Of course, I already have a great pair of socks that I was working on that I don't have enough yarn for and I don't yet have the heart to rip out (UFO #1), a brown cardi that I was working on a while back which I didn't frog because it felt too soon, but it's already too far in the past that I don't really remember where I left off (UFO #2), and something in a green linen tape yarn that I found the other day that escaped my frogging whirlwind (UFO #3), but who's counting?
Anyhoo, tired of moping about my lack of a pretty laceweight yarn, I went searching on etsy and found this lovely lavender skein from PennyRose Yarns. It was in stock, came quickly, and is a whopping 1200 yards, so I'm good to go. I'm not usually a lavender-wearing person, but being on bedrest has made me long for some pretty colors around me - - which explains why poor Andrew is perpetually asked to bring me a new bunch of tulips when the old ones peter out, even though there are 50 million other more important things he could be doing with his time. Anyway, I'm going back to bed, this time with yarn and needles, and I'm casting on. Look out!

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