Monday, June 7, 2010

A pinafore.

Man, I want to make this in me-size.
I made up this little pinafore for Bean last night from a Heidi and Finn pattern. I'd seen a bunch of these pinafores at the Art Star Craft Bazaar a few weekends ago and wanted to make them up with my own fabric choices. I found a few patterns but liked this one because of the cute little pocket.
I used the same fabric as I did for the Easter bonnet. I made the pocket out of the contrasting lining fabric and I sewed the back flaps on in reverse so that the you get to see the pretty blue from behind. OK, that's not really why I did it...I just messed up because the wee one and her Dad left me alone in the house and I was feeling frenzied about finishing this before they got home. I didn't pay attention to the directions at that point and by the time I realized it, I was not feeling the seam-ripping vibes. I still think it's cute!

I did everything as instructed, except for the fact that I topstitched the entire piece at the end. This was super duper fun because once you have the whole thing sewn together, you basically have a moebius strip. I just started at the back and worked my way 'round until I came back to the starting point. Yay for the magic of moebius!

This pattern is going to get a lot of use. It's quick and easy (for last-minute gifts) and is simple enough to be personalized. I'm thinking of putting some appliques on future pinafores rather than a pocket. Also, I think the pinafore is nice enough on the inside to be considered reversible, so there's some creative potential in that.
Now I just need to rework this pattern to be grown-up size...somehow I think I'm going to encounter the same issue with all of the Heidi and Finn patterns I sew...

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