Sunday, April 8, 2012

I can't say that I made everything (such as these incredible mice in Mollie Makes) I planned to for the Easter basket this year, but I did manage to finish this cute little bunny from Fuzzy Mitten. He was easy to knit up, though stuffing the fact required a bit of finesse to make the shape just right. Or maybe I'm obsessive. This pattern comes with all kinds of cute outfits that you can knit. I just made the jacket before I ran out of time, but I'll be making the dress at some point; there's also a vest and a hoodie, so I'd encourage you to grab this pattern;) I'll be posting the details about the yarns I used over on Ravelry if you want to find me there (kdmade).
Because of my ongoing paranoia about chemicals going into my family, we purchased an egg dyeing kit from Whole Foods again this year. Again I boiled the eggs before reading the instructions and realizing that you are supposed to cook them in the dye, and again shook my fist to the heavens in frustration. Last year, I just used the dyes cold anyway and the color didn't really take. This year, I made the dyes with boiling water and only used 500 mls of water instead of the 750 they recommend. I just took the cooked eggs out of the fridge and we made sure to supervise Bean as she used spoons to get the eggs in and out of the colors and they worked great. The yellows don't really get too bright, but the pinks and greens are fabulous. The splotchiness in the photo isn't really on the eggs (that's just Hipstamatic being artsy); the colors also dyed fairly evenly. We'll definitely be doing this again next year, though I will remember to boil my eggs in the dye and I'll be saving pantyhose to try out this super cool decorating technique. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll be buying pantyhose to do it, who the heck wears pantyhose anymore?!

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