Saturday, October 6, 2007

Craft Show and Photos

I brought my shop to a craft show at my school today. The theatre kids are raising money to take their spring production to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer and they held a gigantic rummage sale as their first big fundraiser. They invited the crafty folks in our community to bring our stuff and donate whatever proceeds we were comfortable with. Since I didn't have to stress about putting money into buying a table, I set up my goods in the middle of a sea of....well....junk. Not the best place to put expensiveish jewelry, but worth a shot. I did make a few sales and really enjoyed seeing how my students reacted to my stuff. They know that I make things because I often wear my jewelry or clothing to school, but seeing it all set out nice and fancy made it seem more official, I guess. Truth be told, I was a little nervous about putting my crafts out in front of the people that I spend most of my waking hours with. I don't know about anyone else who makes things, but I always feel a little naked as I set everything out and then sit around and watch while people pick it up, try it on, put it down, consider it. Not surprisingly, the items my kids felt the strongest connection to involved shrinky dinks:) Who doesn't love that stuff? And spending the day with my students surrounded by tons of random crap that we could play with was not bad at all (Hello?! Robotic dinosaurs = hours of entertainment.)

I spent the rest of the afternoon retaking photos for my critter hair pins which I had all lumped together in my shop and were really bugging me. So now I don't have them all listed, but I'll slowly reintroduce them back into the shop.

I do believe this was the most boring post ever. My sincere apologies.

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