Monday, October 8, 2007

Minty Fresh

Here's my latest creation just up in the shop. I was commissioned to do a few pieces at the rummage sale and so I was up and about in my craft room looking at my beads again. I tend to flit from craft to craft and lately I've been in a sewing/knitting mood. I love going back to a craft I haven't thought about for a little while and opening up my stash and remembering what I have. When I buy materials, I usually go with my gut. I really feel like certain items speak to me and sometimes they don't seem to match up what I usually get. But if I leave stuff to sit in my craft room for a few months and then discover them again, I almost always find connections between materials that seem to create their own design. Anyway, here's the lastest example of this method of crafting:) I think this unseasonably warm weather still has me thinking in spring colors!

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