Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Homemade Day

Yesterday was spent manning my table at my school's first (hopefully annual) craft fair. There were about 50 vendors there and a few of them were from the school community. I spent the night before in the Theatre with April making some things to display goods on. She helped me make this board that I stuck all kinds of vintage door knobs, pulls, and hooks on (I absolutely HOARD this stuff....I'd rather a glass doorknob over a diamond ring any day!) and then over my usual bed-of-rice box, we created a stand with a wooden dowel so that I can hang some stuff up behind the items laid out on the rice. I'm trying to make things to get people to look up, and I'm happy with the way things turned out. I need to find a better way to display all of my flower pins though, and that answer hasn't come to me yet. I did pick up another mini hat stand like thing (I think it's really for teacups) from a white elephant sale this weekend. It was 25 cents and every peg unscrews out of it so it was literally meant for my travelling shop box. Here's the table in its entirety with my lovely assistant warming up to the customers.The evening was spent visiting with our Fulbright exchange teacher from Argentina. She found a store that sells Argentine products and needed to share some homemade empanada goodness with someone...we got lucky and even took some home for today. We had wonderful conversations about culture and traditions (Mummers parade versus Carnival!) and I said a silent thank you to whoever set up this teacher exchange program. It not only enriches the two teachers who are traveling, but also anyone they come in contact with, and so I feel lucky. We also experienced the pleasures of dulce de leche in many forms. Yay for international food!
Today will be spend figuring out how to use my knew kick stand drop spindle with my insanely lovely yarn from Liz. There is a dusting of snow on the ground telling me not to go anywhere, so I will happily oblige by learning how to spin. Hot cocoa first.....

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