Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fall Flowers

Well, we've come to the end of a glorious long weekend...tomorrow it's back to school. I had a bit of a rough time as I've had a cold brewing since Thursday and it looks like it's all coming to a head just in time for my Monday morning first period class. Ugh. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day knit knit knitting for Christmas. I bundled myself up and put a smile on so that we could go out and see They Might Be Giants at the TLA. I have often said that once I hit 30, my standing-up-at-concerts time was over. I didn't have any choice at the TLA, and cold be damned, I made it through both sets. Once people were stomping for an encore though, I told Andrew I'd had enough.

Today was spent with Ginger making crafts to sell a show we're doing together next Saturday. I had it in me to try using resin for the first time, but ended up getting overwhelmed with it. I wasn't keen on the idea of risking a failed craft experience RIGHT before a show. Ginger is the best person to craft with because she's really bold and isn't as paranoid as I am about screwing everything up. We decided that we'll get together soon to try this resin thing...I just need to have my hand held through this process, I think. Either that or a really big drink before I get started (which could get ugly with resin).

So here are the latest felty hair clips I've made (see above). They are fun to put together because I have scads of vintage buttons and lots of great colors of felt, so seeing new combinations is always fun (although can be a little time consuming). I while back I started a "ribbons" box which I throw all of my odds and ends into. Little ribbon fragments that packages come tied up with, stuff like that. I found the loveliest little bit of vintage tatted lace in there today, and it sweetened up one of the clips here:
And Ginger ended up leaving with a clip that she fell in love with and realized that she can just stick it on her lapel if she'd rather have a pin (she's an outside of the box thinker, that girl!)

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