Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sampler Efforts

I've decided to send some contributions over to The Sampler again. I haven't participated in a while, mostly because I hadn't been able to get my act together to make 25 of something (!), but I've been seriously digging the lavender scent coming from those flower stems that I made, so I thought I'd make some lavender bud bookmarks. I used some more of those pink and burgundy monogrammed napkins that were left in my box at work one day (you gotta love colleagues who know you well enough to understand that you'll be excited by random fabric in your pigeon hole) and made little hearts out of some scrap fabric from my first quilt. I KNEW I'd saved those 1" triangles for SOMETHING. Three cheers for upcycling!

And now I wait for my goodie-stuffed Sampler to arrive in the mail....dum de dum....

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