Friday, February 22, 2008

Anatomy of a Snow Day

Well, it finally happened. Despite global warming, despite my lack of faith, we finally had a snow day. Being that Andrew and I are lucky enough to work at the same school, snow days are really spectacular. We both get to drop the stress and worry of the millions of little things that we need to do when we're at school and hang out together. Usually this involves cooking good things, watching bad TV, and arguing over who gets to play on the computer. This snow day was particularly grand as it occurred on a Friday and that means that no rehearsals/tutoring sessions/meetings were missed and will have to be made up. Nope, just some crafty retooling of lesson plans, and it's like the whole thing never happened. Beautiful.

For those of you who don't get snow days, or for those of you who are still skeptical about whether or not teachers are actually more excited than kids are about them, here was our day off:

Wake to a 5:30 am phone call saying go back to bed. Turn off alarm clock, giving it a little rough shove (show it who's boss). Spend a little time when you wake up an hour later wondering if you'd dreamt the phone call, check the TV and look for your school name if you are really worried about it (today, we just rolled over and went back to be for three or four more hours).

Wake up late. Nice and late. Make some good coffee.
I mean, really good coffee. Maybe with a little nutmeg grated on top.Don't go outside, but admire the snow from within. Take some pretty photos.
Feel a little bad for the people who you can hear scraping their cars and shoveling the walks, but then remember they probably get paid a lot more than you do and remember that it all evens out in the end.
Convince Andrew to make crepes. Andrew makes really good crepes. I put lavender jelly in mine, or sometimes just lemon juice and sugar. Today we made them up with some really, really good sausage from farm to city where we get all of our meat products from (we only eat meat that came from happy animals and so sausages and fancy meat products are big deal in our house).
This one should be obvious, but stay in PJs and slippers all day.
Watch the first three discs of the second season of Lost (I'm a newcomer to this show...a few weeks ago when I was sick, I watched the entire first season that a student had given to me...when I came back to school, I BEGGED her for the second season and she didn't come through until the day before the snow day....coincidence?....I think not.) Start to like Sawyer a little. Start to dislike Kate.
Roast a chicken and some potatoes for lunch (OK, Andrew did this too...hey, I had some serious Lost-watching to do) and have a glass of wine WITH LUNCH. Lovely.
Next time I plan on photographing a roast chicken, I'll be sure to tie the legs first so that it looks when I photograph it

Watch more Lost.
Knit sleeve of sweater.Start knitting second sleeve of sweater.
Make chicken stock out of roasted chicken remains and have soup for dinner (again, all Andrew....but I was almost done with disc three!)

Blog about it all and then go and watch more Lost.
Snow days are like free days given to you. It's like someone says: hey, I'm going to give you this little bonus extra day in your life, do whatever you want with it. I'm happily full of good food, my hands are a little sore from knitting, I'm still in my PJs, it's about as simple and relaxed as it gets. And the best part? I get to sleep in tomorrow, too!

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