Monday, February 18, 2008

Long Overdue

Well, I haven't been sick with the flu for all of this time...but I have been trying to catch up on all of the work that I let drop since then. Grading, lesson plans, creating choreography for Fiddler (the Middle School show) and catching up on what I missed in Sweeney rehearsals...yup, I've been busy.

Still, I've had my tangled yoke sweater done for ages (wore it three times already!) and haven't put any pictures yet. AND I haven't revealed the winner to the giant change jar competition, so here goes:

Competition first...the correct amount was $2,024.95. We can't remember how long he's been storing his change in that jar, but let this be a reminder to save your change! Andrew and I have a little jar that's maybe coffee-can size and whenever we go on vacation, we cash it and get a hundred or so dollars for our slush fund. My Dad will be using his loot to pay for the trip to China we are taking this summer together:) How cool is that that you can go on vacation with change?? Anyway, the winner is Nancy! I'm happy that I'll be able to hand deliver her giftie since we work together:) She guessed $1,997 and was only $27.95 off (which is way better than my guess). I must say that Floribunda and Laurel all came really close guys are smart cookies.

OK, on to the knitting. Here is my Tangled Yoke Cardigan:
It was a breeze to knit...until the yoke. I will concede that most of this was my fault...I counted wrong or got distracted or whatever. But I had to frog and knit the time and ungodly amount of times. I remembered it as 3 yesterday, but Andrew shook his head and said "no, way more." I guess he is the one who has to live with my cursing and the drama (throwing sweater on the floor to be left there for a few days: I am NOT going to finish the damn thing!!) so he probably remembers it best. Anyway, once the yoke was done, it was simple to knit again. I'm not one of those people who buys the buttons at the beginning - - I like to see the sweater finished before I make any decisions. So once it was done, I couldn't wear it right away, but I at least knew that I wanted lavender buttons. So I popped over to my good friend Etsy and found these. They look great on the sweater (most people who comment on the sweater mention the, I'm sure they like the knitting too...) and I couldn't be happier. I used Swish DK from Knitpicks in Nutmeg, if anyone's wondering.

So all's well that ends well in the knitting world. I'm currently working on the Blouson sweater from Interweave's Summer '07 mag. I'm rushing to finish though, because I'm really excited abou a number of things from their most recent magazine. Oh, if I could knit just a little bit faster.


jewelstreet said...

That is a beautiful sweater, and the lavendar buttons was a perfect choice.

High Desert Diva said...

That sweater is amazing! (the buttons are good, too :)

Emma said...

Congratulations on finishing TY! It looks great and, of course, the buttons are the perfect finishing touch!

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