Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting Ready for a Craft Show, Getting Ready for China

OK, two big things on the horizon:

First, I'm doing a craft show tomorrow night in Philly. I was pretty happy with the outcome from this show last year and out of all the craft shows that I've done, it's one of the best venues for my work. So I'm slowly working my way through organizing inventory and getting everything together on my handy-dandy luggage cart (yard sale find: $3) so that I can wheel kdmade around Broad Street. Despite the fact that I have lots to do to get ready, I find myself futzing on the computer or in the craft room.
I didn't really need to make two more necklaces, but this is what happens when I'm supposed to be doing something else.

The really delicious part of all of this is that procrastinating for the craft show is just a way to procrastinate on all of the packing that I need to do for my rapidly approaching trip to China. That's right, China. In a whirlwind of planning, I managed to hook up with a cultural/environmental trip to China, find some funding at school to pay for a part of it, and convince my Dad to come along with me. We'll be away for three weeks and the giant bite that that it's going to take out of my chicken-watching summer is only just now starting to dawn on me. Andrew tells me to relax, promising that he'll take the blog reigns for the time that I'm gone to keep me (and you) updated on the goings-on around home. I anticipate many, many golf pictures.

In any event, not that I post with any great regularity, but things are going to wind down around here for a little while. But when I come back, I hope to have lots of great photos and a not-too-severe addiction to NyQuil (13 hour plane ride - hoo, boy) so that blogging can continue in earnest.

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