Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Place...

...because I need a cow.

I made mint chocolate chip ice cream today.
This involved a lot of mint from our crazy potted mint plant that comes up every year and is huge and beautiful through no effort on our part. Seriously, this plant likes to be neglected. I don't think I've watered it once this season. OK, we've had an incredibly wet summer, but still. I hardly ever think of this plant.

So we're starting with really fantastic mint.

I used this recipe from epicurious, which involved 6 egg yolks. And as luck would have it, I had 6 eggs in the fridge, given to me by the only chicken we currently have that is laying (Kateski). I saved the whites because I'll try to make these meringues, but I need to wait for this crazy humidity to break first. But I digress...

Fantastic mint, super-fresh eggs. If only I had my own lactating cow.

Regardless of whether you have your own mint plant, chickens, cows, or cocoa beans, make this ice cream. I omitted the nasty green food coloring (why the heck to people need their mint chocolate chip ice cream to be fake green?) but otherwise followed the recipe exactly, despite the fact that some people suggested using only 4 egg yolks or futzing with the cream/milk ratio to make it less rich (what the?). And it is good. I'm talking standing-at-the-kitchen-sink -licking-the-freezing-bowl-clean-with-a-spatula good. How long can you blame your chub on the new baby?

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JBH said...

Nice! I love mint choc. chip...WITHOUT the green coloring! I can't eat the green kind. Now I know what to do with my eggs and going-crazy-in-the-backyard mint!

I also have going-crazy-in-the-backyard we made a bunch of pesto with that - yum!

Oh, can I still blame my chub on my 12-year old baby? Hmmmm...that's a thin excuse, even for me. But until it's gone, I'll blame the kids:-)

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