Saturday, April 3, 2010

What To Do With Silver Baby Cups

We all took the train into our fair city this week. Our first train trip way back when involved a car seat, but now we just toss Bean in a sling and carry her around everywhere (insert eyeroll from my chiropractor). It's amazing how different she is now after just 10 months has passed. A trip into the city is a lively thing with lots to notice and new people to babble at. The flower show at Macy's proved to be particularly colorful for adults and kids alike. This guy wasn't so impressed with the butterflies alighting on him, though:
On my end, the difference from the passage of time is in what's in, less of the baby fat (read: my arse) and more of the me that I remember before I gave my body over to a parasite for 10 months. So a trip into the city meant a visit to a favorite place of mine which I hadn't seen in over a year: the Anthropologie sale rack. OK, the entire Anthropologie store is always a thrill to wander even if you aren't looking at clothing, but knowing that I couldn't reasonably fit into anything and didn't know when I'd ever be able to do so again (there is an important and frustrating point in pregnancy where you cannot ever imagine not being pregnant again) made me want to not even step foot in the store. I know...sad, right?

Well this week I fit into a pre-preggers pair of jeans that had even been known to be less than forgiving before I got knocked up, so a celebration was in order. To the Anthropologie sale rack! Although I didn't find anything this time around, just being in the changing rooms with potential wardrobe additions was enough for me and in the long run, who cares about not going away with a new fun article of clothing when there are plenty of bits and bobs for the home for me to drop my cash on?

Fade to the housewares section of the store: I am a bit of a freak about fun hooks (much of my jewelry is hung on my bedroom wall from a series of mis-matched hooks) and I'd been thinking about going through my stash of vintage hooks to create a display for our silver baby cups. When we had just our two baby cups, they didn't seem all that special. But now we have three and that, in my mind, calls for a fun display. Anthropologie to the rescue! I bought our initials, bunged them onto a piece of old floor molding from our basement, and there you have it: a twenty minute project completed in my (old) skinny jeans. Nice.

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