Friday, March 26, 2010

Full Participation.

I don't know if it's ever happened since we've had our current coop of chickens, but today all four of our girls laid eggs. They've been in various stages of broodiness and molting so for the past few months there's always been at least one chicken laying, but not all of them. They were all laid in the same nesting box and the silver polish Anastasia was standing guard.
The girl who held out the longest is our silkie, Pudding.She went broody a while ago and stayed that way for over a month, then didn't lay for a few more. Many people get bothered by a chicken that's gone broody because they aren't being productive (since I'm the only egg-eater in the house, this doesn't bother me) or because they look quite pathetic while sitting on the nest and rarely eating or drinking. So lots of folks have remedies for making a chicken unbroody, but I'm kind of hoping that one of my girls goes broody soon because I think I have a resource for fertilized bantam fun would Easter be if we had an egg getting ready to hatch?? The fact that Anastasia was hovering over those eggs makes me think she might be ready to go...!

In craftier news, there's LOTS of sewing going on over here. I'm sewing many, many skirts for the play that I'm in in a few weeks. In between circle skirts I'm trying to fit my own projects. So far: mother and daughter Easter bonnets. No pictures yet because, interestingly, bonnets don't photograph well if they are not on a head. I tried to explain this to Bean, but she couldn't be coerced into photographic cooperation today. Maybe later. Or not.

Oh, and also, I finally submitted an entry into a Spoonflower contest! See it here and remember to vote for your faves!

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