Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Break, Spring Thaw

OK, that crazy ice storm last week...what the heck was that about? I had a bunch of photos taken of all the little snowdrops and other flowers coming up and then suddenly they were all buried. These little guys stuck it out and seem to be winning the battle agains the snow. Go wee flowers, go!

I am currently on my glorious spring break. I had intended to get a lot of gardening done, but the ice fell in weird drifts and so the only part of my house that is still really buried under a foot of snow is, as luck would have it, my garden. Hopefully it can thaw in a week. No matter, though, I have fifty thousand other things that I want to get done during my week and a half off. I've made some great headway on my Mailorder cross stitch and I think my recent knitting project (a vest in a jaunty red hue) is almost dry from blocking so I'll be able to knit the edging soon. I shall keep other projects a secret and unveil them as they get completed...the last thing I need is to feel like I wasn't productive enough over break.

Rehearsals are revving up for the show I'm in which opens on April 13th. My character is really lovely and the show takes place in the 50s so I've been getting to try on some great vintage clothing. I wish wish wish that fashion time could have stopped in the 50s...hello?! Big, full skirts! They hide a multitude of, I mean sins. Also, they get all twirly when you spin. You've gotta love kinetic clothing. As for this resurgence of the 80s and all of the leggings and tight tunics I see walking around the school hallway: let's give it up folks. It wasn't a good look then, and it isn't now. And so help me, if shoulder pads even DARE to come back...

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