Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring flowers on my mind

Spring break has been good to me so far. I've made some bright barrettes for the shop out of a moth-eaten sweater of Andrew's that I'd felted long ago. This sweater was red and green and purple (I'm not kidding), made of beautiful Italian wool and Andrew wore it with pride. You have to love a man who's not afraid of color...because when his clothes get old you can make them into other things:)

My cross-stitch is coming along beautifully and will soon be ready for framing. I've been spending a lot of time with it as I am currently annoyed at my knitting project. My wonderful red vest has taken some major energy. First, it's been eating my needles. For real. One night, I set my knitting down, safely in the tote bag I've been transporting it in. When I took it out in the morning, one of the needles was snapped entirely in half. Now, my cats are crazy...but Andrew and I both feel that they would have had to take a running start and then careened themselves into the needle in just the right way to break it. Conclusion? The vest did it. It wanted off of the needles and it decided to take action. I can't really blame the vest for the other mishaps that occurred to the needles that were knitting cats like to chew on the pointy ends of my needles, so they chewed the good needle in my broken set and then one of the needles I'd used as my replacement set. Good thing I have a stash of size 6 needles.

Dead needles aside, I am frustrated with the vest for another reason. I've been happily knitting the edges and I tried it on and realized it's really, really short. I knew that it was knitting up shorter than the pattern, so I actually knit it longer than I was instructed too. I also took care to focus on length while blocking. It's a highly cabled vest, though, and I thing they just acted like springs or something...this is one crop-top of a vest. Ick. So now I need to undo the bottom and knit down. This has me angry, and therefore I'm cross stitching. Grumpity grump grump.

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