Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Garden Cam!

This one's for Laurel. The mighty crocus. This tiny flower makes its appearance around here in (very) early spring. It's a perfect little flower - bright, cheerful, and hardy as heck. This spring, crocuses came up before our surprise sleet storm - - after the storm they were still standing (albeit a bit battle-worn). When I lived in Maine, I don't remember seeing crocuses as much. It seemed like we went from winter to dandylion season - and not many homeowners removed their dandylions. As I interpreted it, they were flowers of SOME kind growing out of the GROUND and therefore deserved to stay. But I will always look at the dandylion as a weed (or as a salad green on one of its better days.) The crocus on the other hand, now that's a flower.
I think I'm going to spend some time chronicling my garden this season. I've started some seeds in the greenhouse at school and I'll try to get some photos as the sprouts come up. I'm also having my kids try to grow zinnias to give for Mother's or Father's day (bonus quiz grade if they manage to grow a healthy plant!) No matter how old I get and how many Springs I've lived through, the magic of putting a tiny seed into soil and watching a plant develop will never cease to amaze me.
In crafting news, I've been bitten by the color bug and most of what I'm making is just screaming Spring. I'm considering putting a piece of my art (a work in fibers) in a local art show and I'm two weeks from the opening of the play that I'm in. There's lots going on, but the days are longer so there is more time to get it all done!

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