Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Not To Miss

As I've already mentioned, my post-show week has been sickly. Once I got to the point where coughing so much just plain hurt I decided to stay in bed cuddled up with a bottle of NyQuil as often as possible. I had left work early one day this week to do just that, and when Andrew came home, he insisted that I go outside to see something amazing. After much snotty-nosed protesting, I relented and this is what I almost missed...these sweet checkered lilies that popped out of the ground overnight, it seems. We purchased a couple of funky plants for our shade garden last year and spent some good money on them. I remember watching them die back pretty early into the season and thinking that we'd been a bit frivolous. But this is the reward: after a cold winter and barely any time which I would consider official Spring weather, these brave little beauties popped up as if to say "get your arse out of bed, you're missing everything!"

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Dawn Chastain said...

These are some of the most beautiful lilies I've ever seen!!Good money spent.dc

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