Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gimme Your Cash

OK, I'm not planning on holding up an banks with this apron, but I am planning on getting some cash with it. I finally, finally got around to making myself an apron for a flea market I'll be selling at in a few weekends. I'm going with a friend who has done it for a few years and I'll be trying to unload some unwanted stuff and I'm also bringing my etsy shop along for the ride.
I've been meaning to make one of these for a while and had seen a few patterns that I liked. Issue 26 of Readymade finally came through, and with a few alterations to the design, this is it. I had some of this fabulous koi barkcloth from Reprodepot laying around...I'd used it to make a knitting needle case a few years ago...and some great silver-dot fabric and soft maroon cotton for the strap. I made the strap extra long, so it could wrap around to tie in the front, and I placed the strap at an angle so it ties jauntily to the side. I also sewed on a long length of this wonderful knitting tutorial ribbon (perhaps from Superbuzzy?). I made sure to sew a few extra pockets for pens (one ballpoint sized and the other - - what else? - - Sharpie sized!) and I'm quite pleased with the result. If I'd had some fabric paint on me, I would have finally tried out he freezer paper stencil technique and printed kdmade on it, but I made this on a sick day and I was NOT going to the store for more supplies!
Now I'll just need to twiddle my thumbs a bit while I wait for the flea market day to arrive...

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