Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kick-Butt Craft Room

You might remember my organizational meltdown from such blog entries as OCD - Organized Clutter Disorder. Since then, I've decided to stop WISHING the spaces around me were what I wanted, and instead MAKE them what I want. Huge concept, no? Well, yesterday I mentioned my new-found love for pegboard, and here it is in all it's pegboardy glory. Holy cow. I haven't even gotten all of my tools on there yet or arranged them how I want them, but LOOK AT THAT! Never mind the disorganized yarn stash right next to it. This might just be the summer of stud finders and pegboards...and the more I reread this sentence, the better it gets.

Along with pegboard, I also installed a set of shallow shelves for the wall where the door to the room opens up. They had to be shallow or else the door would run into them. When the idea first hit me, I knew all of my sea glass (which I have carefully been separating by color into those little jars which that yummy unpasteurized yogurt from Trader Joe's used to come in) would go there. It's just very clean and pretty. And you might notice below that my ribbons are happily hanging out together. I had bought little hooks that I planned to hang a bamboo rod from just on a regular wall in the room. Luckily, before I started drilling holes in the wall I thought: if the bamboo is only going to about an inch from the wall, how will that accommodate the diameter of the ribbon spools? It's a minor miracle that I figured this out early-on, as I am usually the queen of messing up and then having to fix. Anyway, my solution was to attach the hooks to dowels and then hang the dowels from the bottom shelf. Yippy-skippy ribbon organization.

And today I painted the chalkboard onto one of the walls. Painting a wall black is pretty fun in that it feels pretty darn rebellious; knowing that I'll be able to write on it with chalk makes it enchanting. I still haven't found corkboard for the other wall...or at least corkboard like I that'll be for another day...

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