Thursday, August 2, 2007

Serenity, Now!

When my job wears me out, I find my little happy place in my mind and take a mini-vacation. I suppose I could whisk my thoughts off to the Caribbean or to that little restaurant in Bologna that served killer limoncello, but truly one of my recent favorite places to be is the Pool Lobster Co. in Maine, biting down into one of these:Behold, the perfect lobster roll. It isn't fancy, it's low on mayo, and high on fresh Maine lobster. It's served on a straight-cut bun that acts merely as a vehicle to get lobster into one's mouth. Damn, it's good. Every year when we go to Maine, I think: this year, I'm going to make sure to get to the Pool Lobster Co. TWICE so I can eat this thing TWICE, but for some mystical reason it never happens. Every year, I get one perfect lobster roll and that, in itself, is perfection.

It goes without saying that our vacation was just right (a lobster roll, after all, was had). We spent some good time with family. Toby likes to spend time doing his "homework" which involves writing letters. Andrew, ever the Philosophy teacher, gave him some words to practice and here's the little thinker at work:
And of course, what would be ME vacation, without HOURS spent wandering the beach in search of sea glass? Quick! Spot the sea glass in the photo below! I could spend hours and hours looking for the stuff, and luckily Andrew can too. I'll share some more sea glass photos (along with a photo of all our loot) later.
And the beach! Quiet and calm, freezing waters that keep it from becoming as overcrowded as the Jersey Shore as well as keeping people-eating sharks least that's what I tell myself - - although I watched a few hours of Shark Week while on vacation and learned that they dive down into very very cold water...but I'm just going to pretend I never heard that.
And a beautiful scene from the short walk we take to the beach. The walk involves some woodsy type nature and this lovely pond with water lilies. Of course, this is all quite appealing to mosquitoes, hence this photo was hastily shot while cursing at the little buzzing blood-suckers.
And that's all for now. I continued to work on my Christmas-in-July project: the Christmas tree skirt kit I bought here (Toby was a good helper and did lots of sequins with me) and maybe will post some photos of it soon.
Although I really truly loved my week spent in Maine, it's also really lovely to be home with my own bed and towels and cats:) Oh, and my craft room.

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