Friday, September 21, 2007

Freeze Tag

Well, some sneaky chica has tagged me! As I understand it, that means that I tell six things about myself and then tag six other blogging folks. I try to avoid too many tiny, silly details about me on my blog for fear that it might scare people off. So although the purpose of a blog seems to share things about me, I suppose being tagged is to give me space to share the random minutiae that makes me tick. I promise to think long and hard about people to tag, but as I'm pretty new to the scene, I'm a little shy about tagging. I'm glad there are brave peeps out there who are willing to continue this, but I'm a wuss. So this will be a game of freeze tag for now until I can decide who to tag. But I'll still share:

1. When people talk and it sounds like their tongue is stuck in the back of their throat, or their throat is really dry or excessively moist, it totally grosses me out. There are a number of reporters on NPR who I can't stand to listen to because of this. Often, Carl Castle is one of them. Dan Gottlieb: almost always so.

2. Apparently, I have mouth noise issues because when my partner chomps his teeth when eating something that doesn't require chomping (like, say, jello) it too drives me nuts.

3. I stand at 5 feet 2 inches and 3/4. The 3/4 is terribly important.

4. I can do a mean back bend in yoga.

5. I hate mums. Really hate them.

6. I only eat grass-fed meats which makes me a bit of an awkward guest at barbecues.

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