Monday, September 10, 2007

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

This will be a quickie since I've just finished my first Monday back to school and if I don't get to knitting soon, I'm going to hurt someone. My parents went to the Mushroom festival in Kennett Square yesterday and OH MY these tater chips they brought back were mighty fine. I have not always been a mushroom fanatic, but in my late 20s I developed a taste for the kingdom Fungi and I was sad that I couldn't participate in a day spent in adoration of the yummy things. But Mom and Dad came through, bringing me these chips which the bag says were only made for this event (memo to Herr's: make some more freakin' mushroom chips), which probably made them 10 times better. Now that I'm on a school schedule and taking photos is more complicated since I'm not home all day, it's going probably going to take me a while to post about the sweater I'm knitting for Andrew right now. It's the Cobblestone Pullover from the latest Interweave and you can see it here (just scroll down). I actually am using the yarn it calls for since I found it cheap, but the BEST part is that I finally broke down and purchased this needle set from knitpicks. Oh man. They rock my knitting world. There is this grumpy lady at one of my local LYSs that always tries to bully me into buying a Denise set whenever I come in for needles. One of these days I'm going to grab her by the shoulders and tell her: look lady, I can't stand knitting on plastic needles, and I KNOW the wire in between is going to be all wonky and twisty like every other stupid plastic round needle I've knitted with and WHY CAN'T THEY JUST MAKE AN ADDI TURBO SET AND BE DONE WITH IT??! Well, folks, they have. Nickel-plated goodness with a low memory wire for a decent price. I am in love. I may just bring my new set into that LYS so that I can smugly show off my fancy-schmancy set;) Oh, and they just came out with interchangeable wooden needles that are even PRETTY, for pete's sake, and so I'm going to have to drop some dough on them, methinks.

Oh, and I've decided that in order to deal with Mondays, I shall bring sushi for lunch and then Mondays will be something to look forward to. So there.

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Vieiragirl said...

Those look good! I want some I think I willgo make dinner now! Nice site by the way!

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