Sunday, September 9, 2007

Women I Love

Today we went to see our friend Megan (get your own blog, already) performing during the Philly Fringe Festival which is going on right now. This is my professional actor friend who is gracious enough to see me in my warts-and-all community theatre productions, and patient enough to listen to me complain about how I have to figure scenes out where I have to mime being on the telephone for 10 pages of script (best advice ever: just act like you're on the telephone). She's also the woman I'll be spending lots of time with in the coming months as I do the choreography for Urinetown at our school, which she'll be directing. Anyway, she bravely participated in an unscripted theatrical event and did a faboo job...which was totally expected, of course.
And as if the women in my life weren't already great enough, Laurel sent me a back to school present which was just perfect. If you know me well, you know that my earlobes are turning old lady-ish right before my very eyes. My mother let a certain "free-spirited" babysitter pierce my ears when I was younger and they ended up crooked. So the hole in my right ear is lower and with all my heavy-earring-wearin' it's losing its fight against gravity. Damn. So over the past year, I've pretty much moved to post earrings only....for which Etsy has proved a veritable treasure-trove. So Laurel got me these guys. The birds are lovely-sweet, and the acorns are perfect since our school symbol is the oak tree.

So there you have two women I love.

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Nicole said...

CUTE earrings! :-) what a sweet gift.

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