Monday, July 23, 2007

Swimsuit, check. Sunblock, check. Embroidery Project, Knitting Project, Sewing Project, check.

It's vacation time again. Every year we travel to the coast of Maine for a week or so with Andrew's family. After having spent four years in Maine as a college student, I can say that the summers there are well-deserved and I'm glad I get to take advantage of it:) My two favorite things about our vacations in Maine are searching endlessly for sea glass (of which there is a plethora) and eating a lobster roll at the joint down the street from the house we stay in. It's a seriously good lobster roll and when I'm having a bad day during the school year, it's the happy place I go to. Perhaps this year I'll manage to reach my goal of eating my body weight in lobstah.
One of our traditions over the past few years has been to start reading the HP aloud in the car that was released that summer (our vacation always coincides with this event, which is nice.) So I received my pre-ordered book on the 21st and am probably the only person in the world who has not yet even OPENED it. That will occur ceremoneously in the car as soon as we get on the highway. 'twill be bittersweet.
In muggle news, yesterday I volunteered at a local historic site teaching kids how to cross stitch. First of all, it's really refreshing to work with younger kids once in a while. Girls and boys alike happily dove into the needlepoint and despite the fact that some had a hard time keeping the needle threaded or figuring out how to poke the needle through the correct hole, they all kept plugging along and were happily occupied working with their hands. One boy struggled so much that he ended up wrapping up his floss around the square of fabric I gave him. His project turned into a sort of three dimensional project that was loosely based on the idea of cross stitch, but was so cool because of that. I encouraged him to keep working on the wonky thing and he did so with no fear. I miss those days of creating things without a care in the world and love the times that I manage to get back into that zone when I craft now as an adult. Anyway, I snapped a cell phone shot of Abigail learning...she picked a really wonderful apple green color and went to town. It felt good to pass it all on...

And a parting shot...what things do we all check off on the list before leaving for vacation? Planting the carrots, of course!
So I'll be out for about a week, but will come back with good photos and stories. Promise.

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