Saturday, November 3, 2007

Colonial Handles

Pre-read warning: pardon the crap-ola cell phone pictures. I left the house REEAALLLY early this morning and forgot the camera... Andrew and I helped out in the kitchen at Hope Lodge's annual encampment this morning. Perhaps it's because I love the theatre and dressing up in costume, but there is something so fun about watching the historic reenactors all running around in their capes and jackets and hats and boots. We drove in early while everyone was still asleep in their tents and then got to see the temporary town come to life as the sun came up. There's nothing quite like serving coffee to guys carrying muskets, and it never fails to tickle me when you look out and see them all hanging around looking pretty darn authentic and then a car drives by or someone shows up with a Starbucks cup. So here are some wonderful juxtapositions from my view inside the food tent.
After our shift was up, I checked out the folks selling goods. Oh, if only I was a colonial reenactor and could justify spending hundreds of dollars on dresses and petticoats and capes. But as luck would have it, I did manage to find some hand woven tape that was THE material I was waiting for for one of my UFOs. The tape is made from a lovely sky blue cotton.
And here it is finishing up my decidedly un-colonial project as handles for a bag. The Rice Tote is up in the shop!

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