Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crunch Addicts

Apparently, Andrew and I only like crunchy food. This was my discovery today after taking a sick day for a sore throat that kept me up most of the night. Why do we not have a tub of ice cream in the fridge like every other American household? Why do I have to insist on making my own soups from my own chicken stock so that I can't just open up a can when I don't have any fresh soup made? There's only so far that cottage cheese can take you, I'll tell you that much.

So I spent the day mostly in bed, with the occasional walk up to the craft room to get supplies. I had some 3 x 5.5 inch scraps of that wonderful grade-book paper left from the stationery sets I created and I decided to make little books out of them. I brought some cardstock and my water colors into bed (my trusty breakfast-in-bed tray table - which has never seen a plate of food due to the mountain of beads and fabrics that it's usually under - made watercolors + bed a doable equation) and had fun painting rainbows.

Here are the pre-assembly shots:
And after binding:I used the Japanese stab technique, but just tied the cord off at the bottom because getting it to pull through to the middle of the book was a pain. And because I don't bind enough and I always forget how to start, I looked here to get the technique into my head.
I originally made these with the intent to put little drawings in the corners so that there was a bonus flip-book aspect to them. I'm going to put them in the shop ultimately, but I need to decide whether they must be decorated further. I've never really been good at knowing when a craft is done.

I also photographed the poultry paper stationery sets and will get some up in the shop, pronto. And if I'm in work tomorrow, Nancy...I'll bring some by ♥

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