Sunday, May 11, 2008

Goings On

There isn't much to report around here lately, which is why I haven't. Well, there isn't much unless you consider having three insanely adorable chicks to stare at all day blog-worthy news. For fear that my blog will turn into the chick-cam, I've tried to keep the myriad of photos I've taken of them away from here...hence, I haven't been posting.

OK, it's not entirely true that I haven't been doing anything other than staring at the chicks. Sometimes I take them out and play with them, too. No, really...I finally put some flowers into pots today and I moved a hosta from here to there. I swept and organized and fussed over the front and back porches so now I'm ready to be outside more. I also posted another bag on etsy...another vintage patch pouch, but this time I sewed it up with some cotton fleece in the middle to give it some stability. Oh, and the vintage patch punchwork (used to make the totes) that I found at a yard sale a few years ago? The same lady was having a sale this weekend and I found another piece of the stuff, so I have two more patches to sew. I went to the yard sale again hoping I'd find it...when I went two years ago, I tried to haggle her down since I was buying a lot of the embroidery, but she wouldn't budge. Stubbornly, I refused to take it all (instant regret, but ego intact). Well, she got me in the end because two years later, I forked over the rest of the cash for the last bit of it. I know it might seem odd that I'd find it at the same yard sale, but this is a mondo yard sale - - like I think the woman has a serious hoarding problem. Too bad for her, but fine by me because she has some great stuff to look through. I got a cool printed table cloth that will become something tote-like, some fuchsia satin (oh yeah), and another sweet little piece of embroidery with ducks on it. As for the punchwork, I think I might put a patch on a thrifted skirt and save the last one for something else.

I've also cast on another knitting project...another top for me, which is my way of avoiding the fact that I have some baby gifts to be thinking about for the very near future. And I've started burning a few gocco screens. Not sure what'll come out of it, but my gocco has been calling to me!
OK, enough is enough. The chicks are doing something cute...

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