Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yard Sale Bliss

Despite the fact that I'm still not feeling well, I knew that I'd be getting up early yesterday to go yard saleing. My mother had collated the weekend's yard sale adverts and nestled in there was a location offering a "four harness table loom". OK, maybe for the past two years the idea of getting a loom has been in the back of my mind. And maybe I've done a little research and found only expensive options. So I ask you: should illness keep me from rising at an ungodly hour on the weekend to obtain a loom at a yard sale?
Behold: my greatest yard sale find yet. A four harness table-top loom, bought for a song (haggled a bit, no less!), and totally worth the fact that I feel like total poo today (even after 12 hours of sleep). It had one broken leg, which my dad is remaking for me, and I'll have to learn how to use it...but these are all just details:)

After the glorious yard sale victory, I was feeling very crafty but needed to be in bed. So I finally got out my Wee Wonderfuls hand sewing projects. There's a new baby coming to the family in a short while and I needed to get cracking on a baby gift. I also feel the need to make something for the siblings, so I'm going to make the turtle, snail, and butterfly. Here's the current turtle I'm working on (one-legged and blind, at the moment):
OK, back to bed!

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