Monday, May 26, 2008

New Digs

Wow. Chickens get big, fast. My dad has put his into their outdoor coop already and since my coop isn't completely built yet, I needed a bigger brooder. We dismantled my dad's old brooder (built out of a cardboard box) and reassembled it for our chirping trio. They are pretty psyched about the added square footage, but seemed most happy to just roost on the edge. We've fashioned a lid out of netting so don't worry, they won't be going for any midnight romps around the computer room.
And I couldn't get a good shot of Kateski because she insisted on climbing up my right these are left handed shots while balancing a chick on my arm. Still, you can get a pretty good idea of how insane her hairdo is getting.
In craftier news, I've finished the turtle and the butterfly from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern. I have the escargot all cut out and will start sewing it up tonight. Besides the fact that the patterns are pretty delightful, thinking up a fun sewing project that can replace my knitting-in-front-of-the-TV habit = genius. I'm happy with how the turtle came out. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to ditch the crown because, although Andrew and I both agreed that the crown made him super-cute, we knew that if it wasn't sewn on it would be lost in a heartbeat and sewing it would just look messy. I also changed the eyes up so that they aren't in mask form anymore (I needed the turtle to have eyes on the sides of his head since he's prey not predator and because these are the things I need to dork out about), and I needle felted the black part of the eyes on (since a new baby will be around, I wanted to avoid buttons). I'm feeling like the butterfly eyes are walkin' a fine line between cute and creepy, so we'll she if she passes muster with the 3 year old who's getting her.Oh, and I also included the wing cutouts on the back because I thought that part of the design was so sweet and I wanted the back to look fancy too:) In retrospect, I didn't need to do the cutouts on the back of the smaller part of the wing since those are hidden, but the wings are moveable so I guess with some peeking the detail will be seen.

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