Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Quilt in the Works...

I can't find my favorite book for knitting baby blankets (did I lend it to anyone?), so I think I'm going to try to make a little quilt. The semi-annual quilting day that I like to attend is coming up in the beginning of February, so I'm working on gathering everything together.

I'm planning on making a variation of this lovely quilt from Chickpea Sewing Studio. I'm going to make some of the colored squares out of embroidered muslin. I used mostly Wee Wonderfuls patterns, but there is at least one from Sublime Stitching (this pattern set) in there as well. Here are a few samples:
I'm a huge fan of making lots of french knots, hence the textured sheep. I actually have a punch needle, but do I use it? No. French knots are so much more...obsessive.
I still need to figure out what fabric I'm going to use for the rest of the colored squares, but I took the pattern suggestion and ordered some Kona Cotton Fabric. As for those colored squares, I promise I'm going to root around in my voluminous stash rather than order new material. Really. I am not going to buy any of this insanely great fabric. I promise...

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