Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bunny, meet Bell Pepper.

I ordered the fourth hand sewing project from Wee Wonderfuls last week and couldn't wait to dive into the project as soon as it hit my doorstep. I made the snail, turtle, and butterfly for the nieces and nephew last year and so, logically, the bunny had to be for The Bell Pepper (that's where we're at, vegetably speaking). I love these little hand sewing projects because they don't take a lot of material, so I can happily hunt through my scraps and see what goes together. While I haven't done any major sock-monkey projects (yet), I have been saving my holey socks and, lo and behold, found two pairs of cashmere socks that I had retired to the craft room a while back. Hello! Baby needs a cashmere bunny!

The body is a beige cashmere sock (note the ribbed loveliness) and the tail is from a black cashmere sock. I thought about using some felt for the tail, but then figured it would probably be an enticing thing for Bell Pepper to grab onto, so why not make it soft and shnuggly. The ear helmet part is made from some vintage wool I scored at a 4H fair a few summers back. I attached the goggles only at the back so they can be worn above the eyes or on them, which will be useful depending on the adventures the bunny gets himself into.

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