Saturday, January 10, 2009

Something I didn't make.

Today is an incredible day.

After having raised her for 8 months, spending an ungodly amount of money on her when she needed stitches from the vet, removing her feathered roommates when they rejected her after she returned from recuperating, then keeping her as an only-child (who has needed to be brought indoors every night because she's too small to be left alone overnight in the cold), our chicken Kateski finally laid an EGG!

Two, actually.

It's been an insane saga with this chicken and I believe we may be the very last members of our coop group to actually get an egg. Our other two chickens (the ones who ganged up on Kateski when she returned from her surgery) never laid an egg for us, but promptly started doing so a few days after being relocated to my parents' coop. She really does spend her evenings indoors in the computer room, roosting on the edge of her plastic carrier tub or, if she really wants relax, on the massage office chair. Andrew had given up hope that she would ever lay an egg. I was skeptical, but was afraid to admit it. We both agreed that she was probably aware that we'd spent a small fortune to keep her alive so that her chances of going to the soup pot were why bother with the annoying task of actually giving us eggs??

We are expecting more chicks of her kind (docile, mostly blind because of the feathers in their face) in February who we are hoping will grow to be good coop-mates and bona fide egg layers, but I'm happy to say that, in the meantime, I can go out to my coop in the morning and get myself an egg to soft boil.

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