Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feathering the Nest

Literally.I've rainbowized the bookshelves and now I'm hanging all of the stuff that we've never hung up. Well, some of it has been hung up, but I've changed the paint enough that everything has come back down and needs to be rethought. My goal is to try to create little moments around the house that are more than just a picture thrown up on the wall. For me this is a long, slow process that involves lots of hang-able stuff laying around the house for many months while I "think" about where to put it. I wish I was a more effective interior decorator, but my good ideas are few and far between. I will probably, therefore, never live in a house that is entirely put together. But I am finally happy with this tiny part of a wall in the entryway. I found this little shelves at a yard sale last summer and finally got around to painting it (them, actually, but now the second painted one will have to lie around for another few months while I figure out where to put it). I decided that the fistful of feathers that I've been collecting from our chickens needed to be displayed more prominently as did this lovely little bird sculpture which I did have hanging up, but in a really wrong spot. I like.

Oh! And I'm a winner ! I know I've already mentioned it, but if you don't already know about The Bright Side Project, check it out. I won this! It made my day and I'm getting a necklace with our (me, my man, and my babe's) three initials on it: ask. Yes, we spell word. Or, rearranged, a music genre. We are very versatile.

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Loretta said...

LOVE the wall arrangement! and ditto the necklace, very wonderful...

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