Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Stuff I Didn't Make

Stella has been very blessed to receive handmade gifts. It seems there are a lot of crafty folk in her village. Having a baby has introduced me to the excessive amount of crap that today's babies apparently need to survive. Lots of plastic. Lots of mass-produced stuff. Lots and lots of unnecessary stuff and, amazingly, there are lots of and lots of people buying this stuff. It's not just that we've forgotten that we can make a lot of this baby gear (blankets, diaper pads, diaper bags) but we seem to think that babies can't survive without little doodads dangling off of every surface within a 5 mile radius. Don't get me wrong...someone gave us a mobile that spins, has things that slide around, and plays high falootin' classical music and I love it. It is the reason I get to shower every day, and I appreciate not having to be a stinky mom. However, I also think it's important to put away the mobiles and jangly things and let the baby look at the world! Anyway, Stella's world is so much prettier with the handmade things she's been given, and here is Megan's quilt:A few things which must be mentioned are that this quilt features chickens, Megan did the quilting herself (first timer), and the back is equally as fantastic as the front. As for the chickens, Megan is the latest victim in my plot to convince everyone in the world to keep poultry in their yard. Clearly, Stella needs to be recruited early to this worthy cause, so yay for chickens on a quilt! I truly have trouble deciding which end is up with this quilt, because of the sweet stripe down what I think one would technically consider the back. And the best part is that Megan did fancy machine quilting all by herself, even though every time she sees it she mentions something else she could have done better. Silly Megan, I think that it's perfect the way it is. I have it on good authority that Stella agrees, because she spit up all over it the other day and she only does that with the people and objects she loves the very best.

And just to keep a running tab on the cool things that Stella is doing lately, today it seems she noticed her foot. Just her left one, the right is still a bit of a mystery. Beautiful baby.

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