Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Here is the latest crafting adventure. Yesterday was spent making about 50 little shrink plastic critters which will become some hair clips for the shop, some buttons for my donation to the Sampler this month, and some thank-you magnets for any orders I get in the shop. I love seeing the rows of these little guys - birds, frogs, sheep. I also like that the birds look like they seem to think that they are a little bit better than all of the other animals. This view is actually of the underside of each critter, from the top they look like they were set in resin or something because you look through the clear plastic to see the image on the bottom. Unfortunately, I noticed that I photographed the underside after rushing to get a picture in with the waning light. Not to mention my batteries died at the most unhelpful moment. So tonight I'll get out some toxic E6000 and finish these all up...then stick 'em in the shop. I think I just heard the birds telling the sheep that they think they'll be sold first...

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