Sunday, January 7, 2007

I got my clips from matthea yesterday. They rock. I got these sweet little matryoshka clips and a set with little bubbles. I'm a big fan of hair clips and these will be worn often. Thanks, Matthea!!

In other crafting news my current knitting project is at a crucial point. It's a long story, but a common one (only so many skeins in the shop, fell in love with the color and thought that I could magically stretch the yarn into extra yardage or something,) and now I fear that I won't have enough teal yarn to make the body of the shrug. Oh, did I mention that it was a shrug? So I'm going to have a bunch of the brown left and I thought I'd put in a sporty stripe. Of course, the stripe needs to be in the middle and I'm a good bid past the middle (my delusions of making the yarn last longer than it really could...) so I'm going to need to frog. I need to be in the right mindset to frog and this, my friends, is the delicate balance between me and my knitting projects. The shrug is teetering precariously close to the edge of turning into a UFO and yet I really, really want a teal and brown shrug. Tonight, I shall frog.

In other news I just started rehearsals today for the current community theatre production I'm in, My Favorite Year. I love the beginnings of shows. So much energy and excitement and renewal of friendships...which is all well and good...until the sleep deprivation hits and we all get a little nutty. That, of course, is when the REAL fun begins:)

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