Monday, January 29, 2007

The Power of a Heart

I have a friend and colleague who is very sick. She has been out of school since we returned from winter break and her illness has been a mystery. She is currently in the hospital for the second time and I have been at a loss for what to do for her. She does not feel like reading much and although she is a knitting friend of mine, I know that she also doesn't have the focus to sit and knit. I've brought her homemade chicken stock and written cards and have generally been feeling inadequate in the support arena. But then I came across this pattern for a heart-shaped sachet knit out of mitred squares. I had never knit mitered squares and knitting with size 2 needles freaked me out a bit (nope, never made socks...), but I knew this was it. I was going to knit my friend these hearts until she got better.

I have now completed my first sachet and am on my second, but let's just say there was a big learning curve. I misread the pattern, I didn't understand the pattern, I saw things in the pattern which, on second reading, were not actually there. Much frogging and reknitting occurred. Through my frustration, the perfect nature of this project suddenly was clear. I couldn't really visualize how this thing I was knitting was supposed to materialize before me, just as my friend was on a long journey with no clear purpose or endpoint.

But how about this: Yesterday we found out that there is a current prognosis for her illness and it is treatable, and today I finished my first heart. I'm making a second (and probably a few will become Valentines for others) because as far as I'm concerned, this little heart worked some miracles.

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