Sunday, January 14, 2007

My first etsy sale arrived at its destination safe and sound! I suppose the miles of bubble wrap helped to ensure this. I have been in such a great mood all day because this first sale was so great. Bolstered by the good feedback from this first sale, I felt motivated to pull out the beads today. I've been kicking around the idea to do something red for the upcoming v-day, but truthfully this necklace was made with my first sale in mind. So, this one is in honor of a great transaction and hopefully many more to come!

The shrug is also coming along nicely. I'll post a photo soon. I've worked in a brown stripe to hopefully save some of the teal yarn and now I just think the back and sleeves are going to come out a little wider than they should have. Why, oh why, even when I count everything out do the measurements still get wonky?

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