Monday, January 8, 2007

OK, I don't really have anything interesting to post today but I had to put a new photo up so that I didn't keep seeing myself larger than life when I opened my blog. Eep. I've recently pulled the large tote bag above and one of the little pouches from a shop that I was consigning them at...I thought I'd give them a go over at the etsy shop. They'll be up as soon as I am home during daylight hours (!) to take some good closeups. The bags themselves are constructed of new materials, but the flower designs on the front are some vintage embroidered napkins and table runners that I found at a yard sale this past spring. The embroidery is really beautiful - - a nubby little stitch that looks like a bunch of French knots (the entire design is worked like this!) and I just thought they needed a new life.

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