Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why Sophie is The Best

Sophie just turned 8; here is her birthday present. We made a recipe box for her because of her recent and amazing adventures in the kitchen. While preparing a batch of banana bread, Sophie realized (too late) that the yogurt she was using was bad. She had to throw the batter away, but was left with some melted butter that she hadn't mixed in yet. Since she still really wanted to finish a cake, she decided to just make a recipe up. She added flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and soda, lots of cinnamon and maybe a little vanilla. Her mom was skeptical that it would hold together since there were no eggs involved. With hopes not too very high that an actual cake would come out, Sophie popped the concoction into the oven and when it was done: cake! It was REALLY GOOD cake! Kind of like a spice cake...Sophie thought it was like a carrot cake without the carrots. Did I mention that Sophie just turned 8? Crafty little girl.

So we got an unfinished wood box and had to cut a piece of thin wood for the top and inside lid because we could only find a box that had this silly mesh center on the lid. For what? Making a hermit crab cage or something?? Ever since Amy's post on Enid Collins purses, I've enjoyed staining these unfinished wood boxes (I use regular craft paint mixed with the goo they sell that makes it the consistency of a stain) and then painted and gemstoned the thing up (the top of the lid has the gemstones). The cards were goccoed and I borrowed the beautiful alliteration of Sarah's on that one.

As we were goccoing the cards, Andrew mentioned that it was such a cool craft tool. We had a little impromptu moment of silence for the imminent demise of gocco. But wait! Check out! Is help on the way?

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