Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Perks of the Job

A local radio station camped out to raise money for hunger (Philabundance…check it out, a great organization) and a local high school won a competition to collect the most food for the hungry. This local high school was not the (wee) one that I teach at, but a ginormous school that my friend is an assistant principle at. Long story short, the school won a free concert with these guys and my friend got me passes (AND I didn’t even have to chaperone!)

One of the reasons why I love OK Go is because of their choreography. I choreograph the middle and upper school musicals at school and I thought I was pretty creative incorporating a trampoline into one song and a razor scooter into another. But treadmills?! I am not worthy. I was hoping to see some signature moves tonight, but alas, it was all singing and no dancing. But they are so incredibly creative that it didn’t matter. One of my favorite parts was that they came out into the audience and did an acoustic set on a platform set up in the middle of the crowd. They threw out some hand-held spotlights to some kids so that they could be seen. It was really cool and intimate and would have been an amazing first concert as a teenager.

And the best part(s)? It was free, we sat in the adult-only balcony where we could enjoy some adult-only beverages, AND it was nice to be at the Electric Factory when it wasn’t filled with wall to wall people. Hello, I am That Person who no longer likes to stand for concerts and appreciates when they are over before 10pm. Nice to meet you.

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