Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hoo Boy.

Every once in a while I need a day to myself. A day where I have little to no human contact. A day where I stay in my pjs and don't shower and watch lots and lots of crappy TV. It's best if Andrew isn't around to see me on such days, so they happen on the rare occasion when he skips town. He's off on an overnight golfing trip with his brother, so today was my day. I sat in the craft room all day and made some necklaces and a bunch of fabric brooches. I'm not sure why I'm so into brooches these days, but I am. I think it's because I've had this book lying around for a while. I periodically picked it up and flipped through it and I think a million little seeds were sown and finally started to germinate. Anyway, hop on over to the shop if you want to see the brooches I've been cooking up. Well, OK, here's my current favorite one:
Anyway, besides the crafting, web surfing, and cold pizza eating, not much was happening around here. Then about an hour ago, I'm sitting on the computer (from the computer room I can see the street) and a truck goes by. Then a big crash. Then all of the wires on the street sag really low. Hm. Somehow the telephone pole was hit and broke. It wasn't a very big truck, so I'm not sure how it snapped way up there, but the point is that in order to see this I had to be on the porch. And the other people in my neighborhood were out to see the fuss, too. Luckily, a little earlier, I had passed the point of unwashed where I actually grossed myself out, so I was freshly showered. The funny part was that I walked out onto the porch and found a virtual sea of packages. I guess I'd ordered a few things in the past few weeks and they ALL came today. And if this truck hadn't killed my telephone pole, they'd have been sitting there all night.

Good thing they weren't though, because my package from Reprodepot came. Hoo boy. I could drop a lot of cash over at that place if I'm not careful.
AND they had a sale on just to make my life more difficult. But I got some sweet German reproductions and some beautiful shot cottons that are hand dyed and make me all googly eyed when I use them.

I also got my Amazon order...this book which will probably make me unable to eat even more (as it is, I can't eat meat if I don't know how it was raised...and not many restaurants get grass-fed beef), but which, I'm happy to say, looks more like a guide book than a thick text book that's going to make my head hurt. I also ordered a few Elliot Smith CD's because why sit around and be HAPPY all of the time? Elliot'll help bring me down. Oh! And a fabulous shirt dress from j crew. I know, I unoriginal to shop there. But I first saw this dress during hell week of My Favorite Year. The show was set in the 50's and I actually wore a shirtdress for a costume, so I just fell in LOVE with this one that I found at j crew. They only had it in Barbie Doll size or in a version with a weird ruffled front on it, so I just forgot about it. This was months ago (April!) and it just popped up on their final sale AND it was in my size AND it was crazy cheap.

And that, my friends, is the bounty I found on my porch this evening. Let's give it up for online shopping.....

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