Thursday, July 19, 2007

What A Well-Trained Pig

Andrew and I took a trip out to Lancaster to visit a family friend of his overnight. When we arrived, we realized she had made a reservation for us for two nights, so we worried about Alpha a little, but then decided all would be well for one extra day. We could have called Megan, but she's in the middle of abandoning us running away skipping town moving and we didn't want to bother her. When we pulled up to our house this afternoon, I said "who brought in the newspaper?" and Andrew said "who brought in the trashcans?" and when we got to the mailbox, we both said "who brought in the mail?" It all became clear, however, when we got inside to see Megan's guinea pig perched happily on our dining room table with a note that said he needed a place to stay until the move was over...the pig did it!

So we have a new cutie-pie friend for a day or two. The cat's not too thrilled, so she's keeping a close eye on him. I'd say she'd better go clean the windows or something, because we're liable to fire her and hire the pig.
Lancaster was lovely. I love being around all of the farmland and seeing Amish and Mennonite communities living simply and beautifully. There is nothing like driving around where horse and buggies are a common site and where quilting is a prized art form. One trip to Intercourse, PA (yep...and the locals say it with a straight face, too) drained my bank account but increased my fabric stash. Here's a run-down of the loot -

Insanely luscious hand-dyed wool scraps that are making me flip OUT. Possible flower brooch material???
A goodly amount of fat quarters for whenever the small-quilt bug bites again.Hello! Crazy-cute reproduction fabrics!!!A punchneedle and pattern to try punchneedle embroidery. And as a bonus, the revelation that the vintage embroidery pieces that I used in my vintage patch tote and vintage patch pouch is punchneedle! I'd thought it was lots of little french knots. And, from nature, these wonderful leaves picked up at the Ephrata Cloisters. There seems to be a serious Japanese Beetle problem in Lancaster, but when they create treasures like these, it's hard to be TOO mad at them (at least it's not MY garden...)A closeup of beetle handiwork:
Now, what craft to tackle first??

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Nancy said...

Oh, such GOOD stuff! Drooling.

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