Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Complete Set

Well, the eggs have been reunited! The mail delayed them so that our friends' eggs didn't get here in time for Easter, but no matter because now they are happily together. And there is an identical set on the West Coast, joyfully nesting.

And here's what I love about crafting with friends (even if it is long distance). With simple instructions (paint two of the same sized eggs identically), look at the different approaches we all took. Tony, who is the tallest and therefore had the honor of creating the outside egg, created a clever design of a bird hatching out of the egg. Brilliant. And apparently the eggs would have made it into the mail a few days earlier if Tony hadn't needed to paint another coat of yellow on the beak, a fact which makes me love his egg all the more. Jodi's egg is the middle one and she's the only person who thought to paint the inside of her egg, and Sophie (who had the smallest egg) chose to paint a line around the middle as if hers was cut in half to open...genius. They are perfect. Gosh, I love these eggs.

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