Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Birthdays

They are never the best, but they have to happen. Today was one such birthday - - an auspicious one (33 on 3/3), but a Monday birthday nonetheless. Being that I share the same birthday with my Mom (for reals) and that she has a meeting and I have my first Chinese class tonight, it's going to be an odd day without her around. But I thought about her all day (and maybe broke a school rule and called her during class and had my kids sing Happy Birthday to her) and hope that she's reading my blog tonight: Happy Birthday to us!

I have no pictures to show for it as I'm between Fiddler rehearsal and the afore-mentioned Chinese class, but I needed to write about how wonderful it is to be really known by your friends. I didn't want or need anything in particular this birthday, but the friends and family who got me gifts really managed to find things that show that they are paying attention. They know what I'm into recently and what I've loved forever and as I've wandered through this weird birthday that I've felt should be important (33 on 3/3, in case you forgot!) but didn't seem to be, waiting for "something" to happen that would make it a really grand day, it finally occurred to me that the something has already happened: I have really, truly good friends.

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