Friday, March 21, 2008

A Swarm of Beads

I'm not really sure what you call a whole bunch of beads. A gathering? A gaggle? A collection seems way too boring. As I took this photo, it felt like I was looking at a swarm of there you go. Debbie gave them to my mom to give to me, so I'm not sure what their history is. But considering that the three of us are yard sale hopping buddies, I'd say they were picked up from some such place. It's a lovely mix of random shades and as soon as I finish with this post, I'm heading up to the craft room to mess with them.

Things have been quiet in blog-land for some time as I've been swamped with the few weeks before spring break and with endless Sweeney Todd rehearsals. My little community theatre is taking on this monster of a musical this year and there have just been rehearsals piled on top of rehearsals and lots of grumpy people trying to learn lots of insane music and lyrics. I've been knitting up a storm when I'm not on stage, but don't have anything completed yet to show for it. This year, I've taken to bringing my knitting on stage with me. There are so many stops and starts in the runs of the acts that we're doing right now, I can't tell you how many times I run to the wings to get ready for a scene I'm in and then something at the very end of the previous scene is messed up and I end up waiting - - miles away from my knitting - - for a half hour. Despite the fact that I've been hassled for trying to "multitask" during rehearsal, I submit that I am actually working hard at maintaining my sanity and therefore, the knitting stays with me. I think that from now on, when someone asks me what I'm knitting (why to people always do that when you knit in public? I find the question odd), I'll just say "I'm knitting sanity." These days, that's just about right.
And speaking of knitting, I worked up this little baby beanie a while ago, but just sent it out to a new member of the family (my cousin's first baby) just recently. Yay for quick and tiny knitting:)

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